1.59kg (3.5lb) Fibrecore Splitting Axe

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The HART Fibrecore 3.5lb Splitting Axe helps you split wood (including Australian hardwood) quickly. Its anti-vibration, split-proof fibreglass handle reduces user fatigue while enhancing the axe’s durability. The in-built overstrike makes it virtually impossible for this wood-splitting axe to break from overstriking.

This HART axe features a through-head design to maximise energy transfer to the striking head. The groove grip helps you orient your hands to enhance your control and increase your striking power. The ergonomic TPR grip makes the axe firmer and more comfortable to hold, while the gradual I-beam handle (similar to forged steel handles) reduces vibrations.

When you need the best axe for splitting wood, you need a HART. Pick up your HART Fibrecore 3.5lb Splitting Axe at Bunnings.

  • Designed specifically to split Australian hardwood
  • Anti-vibration fibreglass handle dampens impacts to reduce fatigue
  • Split-proof handle design increases durability and control
  • Built-in overstrike stops the axe breaking from overstriking
  • Through-head design maximises energy transfer to the striking head