75mm Sharpening Stone

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A sharpening stone is great for prolonging the life of your existing tools by helping to repair damaged blades and edges, as well as keeping them sharp and in top working condition.

Sharp blades and honed edges reduce the amount of effort needed to use manual tools effectively, such as machetes, hatchets, axes, splitters, shovels, spades, mattocks, pruning shears, hedge clippers, secateurs and brushcutter blades.

And, of course, you’ll notice how much more effective your lawn mower is when the blades are sharp. Blades and edges can often be sharpened many times before they need replacing, which can save you a heap of money over the products’ lifetime.

This pocket-size HART Dual Grit (150/80), Multi-Purpose Sharpening Stone’s contoured shape makes it easy to grip and provides for safe tool sharpening. The coarse side is great for quick cutting and shaping, while the medium side is better suited to final sharpening and finishing your edge.
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  • Easy to use dry, with honing oil or with water
  • Includes stone pouch
  • Works on all types of blades and edges