2.27kg (5lb) Fibrecore Axe Mattock

$ 89.98
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Finish big chopping and digging jobs quickly with a large and highly durable HART Fibrecore 5lb Mattock.

This mattock’s integrated fin supports the extended blade end, protecting it from bending over time. Its flared grip is comfortable to hold, and the anti-vibration fibreglass handle reduces user fatigue.

The mattock tool’s through-head design maximises energy transfer to the head, while its split-proof handle increases its durability. The in-built overstrike protects it from breaking due to overstriking.

The gradual I-beam handle design replicates forged steel handles to reduce vibrations. The groove grip is ergonomic, comfortable, and easy to orient correctly for maximum striking power.

This HART garden mattock is a must-have for professional gardeners, landscapers and farmers. Find it at your local Bunnings.

  • Integrated fin protects the extended blade end to prevent bending
  • Anti-vibration fibreglass handle reduces fatigue
  • Comfortable and ergonomic flared grip
  • Built-in overstrike stops the mattock breaking from overstriking
  • Through-head design maximises energy transfer to the striking head