254mm PermaGrip Molding Bar

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Save time removing trim and tough nails on the jobsite with the HART 254mm PermaGrip molding bar. Featuring a 180° side nail pull feature, pulling out deep nails is 2x easier than when using a 90° claw. And its unique, forged grip offers a grip 5x better than conventional molding bars. Giving tradesmen ultimate control, the StrikeZone provides an optimal strike surface in the perfect location. The zone minimises glancing blows and ensures the full amount of energy behind each strike will drive the bar. Even during heavy-duty applications, the molding bar is designed to reduce the damage to the materials it’s used on. You can find this HART molding bar at your local Bunnings today.
  • Forged grip design provides better grip
  • StrikeZone optimised strike location
  • 180° side nail pull design for easier nail removal
  • 3 nail slots to remove even the toughest nails
  • Removes material with minimal wood damage