254mm PermaGrip Nail Puller

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Nothing pulls nails faster than the HART 254mm PermaGrip Nail Puller. Featuring a 180° side nail-pull, it provides 2x easier nail removal than a traditional claw. It has a forger grip for 5x better grip compared to conventional nail pulls, and a fully forged body for superior strength. Even stubborn nails don’t stand a chance with the nail digger, designed to uncover flush nails for easy removal. This nail puller features an optimised StrikeZone for enhanced strike location, and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Remove nails more efficiently and buy your HART 254mm PermaGrip Nail Puller from Bunnings today.
  • 180° side nail-pull
  • Forger grip
  • Nail digger to uncover flush nails for easy removal
  • Optimised StrikeZone for enhanced strike location
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty